Home-School Bond


The staffs of Dardis Child Development Centre respect and understand the unique developmental stages of children.The uniqueness of each child creates a learning environment to which the delivery of our curriculum is suited to. Our teachers also bring with them their individual experiences, enthusiasm, knowledge, training and love to the classroom enhancing their personal teaching style.Dardis also encourages and supports all staff through the continuous training and professional development. In our practices, we arecommitted to develop warm, caring and nurturing teachers who have trust, respect and understanding for children and families.


The important characteristics in our teachers:


Empathy & Nurturing: Our teachers are empathetic and put themselves in the position of another and try to understand how a child or parent feels.Nurturing involves giving tender care and protection while showing love, support, concern and encouragement to children and family.


Respect: Our teachers respect the uniqueness of each child and their learning style. Respecting the differences in each child and classroom opens an exciting learning atmosphere. Our staffs also understand that they are modeling the behavior of what is expected and hence respect for differences is requires in a multi-cultural society and environment.


Creativity & Flexibility: Our teachers are able to plan lessons that engage but also educate your child. This requires creativity. But at the same time as each child is unique, the deliveries of these lessons are adapted to your child’s learning style, which requires flexibility.


Perseverance & Dedication:Our teachers are long-term advocates in developing children’s lives. As our teachers have a goal they would like your child to achieve at the end of the day, they preserve and dedicate their effort in ensuring that those goals are achieved.


Enthusiasm & Passion: This goes well beyond enjoying being with children. Our teachers are passionate in wanting to make a difference in each and every child’s lives, to unlock children’s potential and help them overcome any obstacle that they may encounter.


Patience & Humour: Children are rambunctious (short attention span and little self-control)and unique. The patience and humour in our teachers can be seen when they communicate effectively to help the guide the action of children in a positive manner, focusing on the end goal while using humour face the challenges they encounter each day.


Communicating Skills: Our teachers have excellent communicating skills with children.For example our teachers keep it simple and avoid long words and instructions as they are not easily understood by children. Our teachers also speak at children’s eye-level, they listen, look at the child when talking and use a calm voice with happy facial expression to actively promote communication. Communication is an important characteristic to have as teachers need to communicate with the child’s parents about their needs, skills, achievements and difficulties.





Dardis CDC is ‘Where the total development of the child matters’. This takes the families, teachers and centre’s management to working closely together to provide quality care and education and inculcating good character and moral values.
Effectiveness of a school as a learning environment develops trust and communication between the parent, child and school.Both school and family involvement contributes to a high performance ability in child’s academic.
Most effective forms of parent involvement are those which engage parents in working directly with their children on learning activities provided by the centre such as project works and homework.
Annual Programs that parents are welcomed to participate: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Festival celebrations, Reading programme, Art & Craft etc.





Parent-teacher Conference is a personal discussion on the whole child’s performance and progress in school. This meeting is conducted bi-yearly. Parent-teacher meeting is an important component to the success of a positive working relationship with parents. Parents have discussions with teachers on any concerns about their child as well as the activities the children will be participating in over the next few months.

This is important as the child goes through different developmental stages and our programme is specifically catered to meet the child’s needs and age group.





Our centre organizes education conference, workshops, to keep parents up to date with current research. Parents are also given the opportunities to understand the importance and relevance of the programmes in our centre.

For example Discovery of the World, and the level of depth covered within each topic. Refer more to “Our Programmes” to see the extensive and outstanding quality of education provided to the children.