About Us

Dardis Child Development Centre Pte Ltd was established in June 1995.Since then we worked to construct a conducive learning environment and curriculum to meet the individual needs and interests of every child.We believe our educational programme can make a positive difference in the lives of children and that our efforts help parents pursue careers that contribute to and enhance the healthy development of the family and the community as a whole. Being in the field of early childhood for nearly 30 years we have developed the passion to bring out the best potential abilities and capabilities in every child. We have designed our programme with a combination of 3 different early childhood approaches, namely – Teacher Structured, Montessori and Child Centered.





Our Philosophy upholds the belief that Dardis Child Development Centre Pte Ltd is an educating and caring centre that involves children, their families, and their caregivers in a warm and supportive environment.




We are a family oriented centre which upholds the “open-door” policy that encourages parents to participate in activities such as field trips, celebrations, reading, craft work etc. Our centres go through bi-annual evaluation process to meet the specific quality standards in areas of interaction among teachers, children and families, staff to child ratios, developmental appropriateness of the curriculum, staff qualifications, 100 percent first aid staffs, health and safety requirements and administrative matters.





Dardis aims:

  • To provide a safe, healthy and caring environment.
  • To recognize each individual child’s needs and potential.
  • Providing opportunities for children to develop self-confidence and independence.
  • To stimulate physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development through the encouragement of each child’s natural curiosity.
  • To have continuity and consistency in the progress and process of learning and growth.

Our Programme Hours


Days/ Sessions Half Day
(A.M) & (P.M)
Full Day

Mondays to Fridays

(A.M)- 7am – 1pm

(P.M)- 1pm-7pm